vicidial agents logged out automatically daily at 1am

    This blog article is for the issue in vicidial where agents logged out automatically daily at 1AM. If you have installed vicidial either using Vicibox ISO or scratch and not configured the systems settings properly then you might face this issue where agents automatically logged out at a particular time. This article will help you to understand the issue and solution to solve it.

vicidial agent logout automatically daily

Vicidial System settings:

vicidial system settings section contains global settings that effect every VICIdial server on a system as well as every agent and campaign, under the system settings below options should be configure properly to resolve the agent auto logout issue during the calls.


Timeclock End Of Day - This setting defines when all users are to be auto logged out of the timeclock system. This is also the time of day when the daily counts for per-user/per-ingroup/per-campaign call counters will be reset to 0. Only runs once a day. must be only 4 digits 2 digit hour and 2 digit minutes in 24 hour time. Default is 0000, which is midnight local server time.

This only affects the agent who logged with Time clock login, but other settings inherit this value, example - Agents Calls Reset
By default this value is set as 0000 that is Midnight of everyday. Based on your server time daily at 0000 this will take effect and other system settings which use this value will take effect example agent calls Reset.

Agents Calls Reset - Defines whether the logged-in agents and active phone calls records are to be reset at the timeclock end of day. If your system is running 24/7, you should set this to 0. Default is 1 for enabled.

Solutions for agent auto logout:

    Hope now understand what causes the vicidial agents to logout automatically daily at a particular time. The solution for this issue is to set the Timeclock End of Day to a specific time like non business hours or end of shift time which should match your server time.
    For example if your server is set with US timezone and and agents logged from INDIA and dialing at US Shift then either you should change the Server Timezone to INDIA or set the Timeclock of End of Day to match the US time end of shift time. To set the time to 5am then type 0500 ,

Timeclock End Of Day: 0500 or Timeclock End Of Day: 1830

If you are not using the agent Timeclock login options or you are running systems 24/7 then set the Agents Calls Reset option to 0

Agents Calls Reset : 0

Also make sure below option is set properly under system settings
Active Voicemail Server:
Select the Active Asterisk server ,function of this server is to clear the daily call counts at the Timeclock End of Day,


    Hope this article is helpful to understand and solve the vicidial agents auto logout issue. If like my post share it , for professional support reach out me at telegram or skype : striker24x7

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