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In this video page , discover essential tips, tricks, and troubleshooting hacks for maximizing your experience with Vicidial, the ultimate call center solution. striker24x7 youtube vicidial video links inlcudes basic configuration of vicidial ,advance configuration and troubleshooting videos

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  1. How to change Vicidial Language LINK
  2. How to Configure Firewall in vicibox10 LINK
  3. How to Configure OpenVOX gsm gateway LINK
  4. Vicidial security and Hardening -- LINK
  5. How To Configure Dinstar GSM Gateway -- LINK
  6. How to Secure the Vicidial Recordings  -- LINK
  7. How to Configure the Vicibox Firewall - Dynamic Portal -- LINK
  8. How to configure Webrtc in Vicidial -- LINK
  9. How to Repair , optimize the Vicidial Database --- LINK
  10. How to Configure Google TTS in Vicidial --- LINK
  11. How to configure Cepstral Text to Speech in Vicidial -- LINK
  12. How to install Free G729 in asterisk Vicidial -- LINK
  13. How to create custom Fields in Vicidial -- LINK
  14. How to Enable Encryption for vicidial Recordings --- LINK
  15. How to Enable Encryption for vicidial users password -- :LINK
  16. Vicidial Scratch Install in Centos 7 -- LINK
  17. How reset Root Password of VICIBOX -- LINK
  18. How to create soundboard / Avatar in vicidial -- LINK
  19. How to Delete Old Logs ,data of vicidial database -- LINK
  20. How to configure Press 1 survey Campaign in vicidial -- LINK
  21. How to configure Voice Broadcast campaign in Vicidial -- LINK
  22. How to configure TollFreeforwarding SIP in vicidial -- LINK
  23. How to upload leads in VICIDIAL  --- LINK

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous November 10, 2022 at 1:08 PM

    How to configure multiple DID number incoming calls in VICIDIAL.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous January 5, 2023 at 12:18 AM


    • Anonymous
      Anonymous June 7, 2023 at 8:18 AM

      Add all DIDs and point them to a single ingroup, Simple

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