ulaw/g729/ asterisk converter

 mp3 / wav files to g729 or ulaw or alaw or gsm converter

asterisk g729 converter

Free converter to convert mp3 or wav files to g729 , ulaw , alaw ,gsm audio formats.

Asterisk server ( asterisk installation guide)
ease audio converter ( link)
winscp (link

2. Assume you have working asterisk server and ease audio converter installed in your windows 
3. Convert your audio file to wave format which suitable for the asteirsk ie:16bit Mono 8k PCM wav audio
4. Using Ease audio converter you convert any audio format file to the above said format.

open the ease audio conveter 
click the settings ==>output formats ==>WAV
quality=Custom quality ; Frequency(Hz)=8000 ; Channels = mono ;outputformat= 16bit wav(PCM)
press ok
now upload your audio files and select output format to wav and press the start button.
the output file will be in the 16bit Mono 8k pcm wav , which suitable to use in asterisk 

5. Now upload your converted audio file to the asterisk /var/lib/asterisk/sounds directory  using the winscp tool

6. Now using putty log in to the asterisk server via ssh
7. go to the asterisk cli command by typing  asteirsk -vvvvr

8 . In cli command type the below commands to convert you audio file to g729 or ulaw or alaw or gsm\

For G729    file convert youraudio.wav youraudio.g729
For ulaw      file convert youraudio.wav youraudio.ulaw
for alaw       file convert youraudio.wav youraudio.alaw
for gsm        file convert youraudio.wav youraudio.gsm

9. the converted file will be in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds  folder/directory.
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    gopi baskar April 4, 2022 at 11:40 AM

    mp3 / wav files to g729 or ulaw or alaw or gsm converter

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