Telephony Call Progress tones for india and other countries

 Call Progress tones for INDIA PSTN FXO gateways

call progress tones for india

Topic: Call Progress tones

Telephony Call Progress tones for india and other countries...
    In telephony, call progress tones are audible tones that provide an indication of the status of a telephone call to the user. The tones are generated by a central office or a private branch exchange (PBX) to the calling party.
Equipment such as fax machines and modems are designed to recognize dial tones and busy tones.

where we need Call Progress Tones:

    In asterisk or any other telephony pbx which are integrtaed with the thirdparty PSTN/FXO/VOIP gateways to process the PSTN calls and determine the callerid, hangup, busy, ringback, dialtone  you need to set the call progress tones according to the respective country .

Grandstream Call Progress tone for INDIA 

Below is the configurtion used in the grandstream gateways to detect the busytone
# Dial Tone         :    ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=0/0;
# Ringback Tone :   ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=40/20-40/200;
# Busy Tone       :    ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=75/75;
# Reorder Tone  :    ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=25/25;
# Confirmation Tone :  ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=100/400;

AC termination Impedence for india

 270 Ohm + (750 Ohm || 150 nF) -- Most of Europe
220 Ohm + (820 Ohm || 120 nF) – Australia, New Zealand
220 Ohm + (820 Ohm || 115 nF) – Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, South Africa
370 Ohm + (620 Ohm || 310 nF) – UK., India

Call progress tone for other countries

For other countries call progress tones checkout the below link

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    Call Progress tones for india & other countries

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