Telephony Call Progress tones for india and other countries

Topic: Call Progress tones for INDIA

What are the Telephony Call Progress tones for India and other countries to be used in FXO or Analog Gateways like grandstream, matrix, Goip.

    In telephony, call progress tones are audible tones that provide an indication of the status of a telephone call to the user. The tones are generated by a central office or a private branch exchange (PBX) to the calling party.
Equipment such as fax machines and modems are designed to recognize dial tones and busy tones.

call progress tones for india

where we need Call Progress Tones:

    In asterisk or any other telephony pbx which are integrated with the thirdparty PSTN/FXO/VOIP gateways to process the PSTN calls and determine the callerid, hang-up, busy, ringbark, dial tone  you need to set the call progress tones according to the respective country .

Grandstream Call Progress tone for INDIA 

Below is the configurtion used in the grandstream gateways to detect the busytone
# Dial Tone         :    ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=0/0;
# Ringback Tone :   ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=40/20-40/200;
# Busy Tone       :    ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=75/75;
# Reorder Tone  :    ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=25/25;
# Confirmation Tone :  ch1-8:f1=400@-10,f2=0@-10,c=100/400;

AC termination Impedance for India

 270 Ohm + (750 Ohm || 150 nF) -- Most of Europe
220 Ohm + (820 Ohm || 120 nF) – Australia, New Zealand
220 Ohm + (820 Ohm || 115 nF) – Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, South Africa
370 Ohm + (620 Ohm || 310 nF) – UK., India

Call progress tone for other countries

    For call Progress tones for other country check out my g-drive link - Call Progress tone

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    Call Progress tones for india & other countries

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