how to uninstall-reinstall-upgrade the sangoma wanipipe driver

    In this article we are going to learn how uninstall or remove wanpipe driver completely from the asterisk server and also how to reinstall the wanpipe driver to the latest version. If you are looking or struggling to reinstall the wanpipe driver then this article is for your, follow the article to remove and reinstall the sangoma wanpipe.

how to remove wanpipe and reinstall

What is Wanpipe Driver?

    Wanpipe is Sangoma's suite of linux/windows kernel device drivers and utilities that enable all Sangoma TDM boards. Sangoma kernel device driver (WanpipeTM) is a unified linux & windows code base offering OS agnostic hardware support for all Sangoma TDM boards
Sangoma is the market leader in high-performance telephony cards build specifically for Asterisk and Asterisk-based solutions. 

Why to Remove wanpipe?

    If you are planning to install the latest wanpipe driver or your current wanpipe crashed or creating problems then you might want to remove the wanpipe and reinstall the wanpipe to latest version.
    In the blog article i have given the steps to reinstall or uninstall the sangoma wanpipe driver.

Steps to Remove-Reinstall wanpipe

Follow the below steps to uninstall wanpipe and also provided steps to reinstall and configure the wanpipe for sangoma cards

Step 1: Current wanpipe version

    Before proceeding with uninstalling, you need to have the source code currently installed wanpipe, if the source code is not available you can download the same version of the wanpipe driver from sangoma repository to the server. 

Running the below command, you will get the wanpipe version installed in your server

wanrouter version

Note down your current version, if are planning to reinstall same version then you have to download same version from sangoma website. 

Step 2: Download Current Version wanpipe

    If you don't have the currently installed wanpipe driver source code, you can download the same version of wanpipe driver from the sangoma wanpipe ftp repository

Step 3: Removing wanpipe driver

    Navigate to the wanpipe driver source code directory and follow the steps to remove the wanpipe driver .

for example my wanpipe driver version is 7.0.22,

Navigate to the wanpipe driver source code directory

cd /usr/src/wanpipe-7.0.22

Stop the wanrouter first, run the blow command to wanrouter

wanrouter stop

Confirm no wanpipe driver modules running by running below command

wanrouter modules

Finally remove the wanpipe by running the below command

./Setup remove

Step 4: Installing wanpipe

    Follow the below steps to reinstall of install the latest version of wanpipe from the scratch .
Download the wanpipe version which you want to install from the sangoma ftp repository .
Navigate to the downloaded wanpipe folder
cd /usr/src/wanpipe-7.0.22
install the driver by running below command
./Setup dahdi

Note: You need to have dahdi driver installed and dahdi source code available in same server, you may need to specify the location of dahdi while running above command.

Wanpipe upgrade:

    If you are planning to upgrade the currently installed wanpipe without removing the existing one, follow the below steps
    Download the latest version of wanpipe which you want to upgrade.
Navigate to the downloaded wanpipe driver folder
for example the latest version is 7.0.34

cd /usr/src/wanpipe-7.0.34
cd /util/wan_aftup
Ref :


    Hope this article is helpful for removing the wanpipe and reinstalling the wanpipe in your asterisk server. For professional support reach me on skype or telegram id:striker24x7

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