vicidial server showing the server ip as

    If your Vicidial server still showing Server IP as even after running the script , then this article is for you to guide how to change the vicidial server IP to the actual server IP instead of 

How to replace server IP in vicidial database?

vicidial server ip

Why Vicidial Takes as IP?

    While installing vicidial or vicibox if there is no network card available or not detected, the vicidial will update his sever IP as in its database, which will further cause the time sync issue, failed to register the extensions, agent no session issue etc.

How to Replace

Follow the below steps to replace the in vicidial database as server ip.    

Identify the actual IP address of the server, by typing the below linux commands

ip a

    copy the server address configured in the active interface, if multiple interface configured with multiple ip then choose the one to be used for the vicidial access.

Run the below command to change the IP from to actual the IP address of the server

/usr/share/astguiclient/ --old-server_ip=

The above command prompt you to enter the actual server IP, paste the IP or type the sever IP, followed to the server IP will be updated in the vicidial database.
its better to reboot the server once followed to this workaround.

    Hope this article is help you change your vicidial server IP from to the actual server IP. For professional support reach me on skype or telegram id:striker24x7

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