Vicidial agent screen Sorry, there are no available sessions

Vicidial No Available sessions

Topic: Vicidial agent screen Sorry, there are no available sessions

vicidial sorry there are no available sessions


    Vicidial is an enterprise class, open source, contact center suite in use by many large call centers around the world. VICIdial has a full featured predictive dialer.  It is capable of inbound, outbound, and blended phone call handling.

  Overview: Sorry there are no available sessions

    In vicidial while logging into agent portal ,the agent might receive the below error or alert

Sorry, there are no available sessions

  Major Cause : vicidial no available sessions

1. vicidial database crashed

2. vicidial background scripts not running

3.The vicidial is using the MeetMe conference module for the agent sessions,These MeetMe conference module requires timing resources like DAHDI, ZAPTEL, or hardware based module like sangoma USB timer ,   if they are not installed or loaded properly this alert will be displayed

4.Forget to update the new ipaddress in the vicidial database

5.Wrong ip set in DB even after ip updated using the vicidial script

6.MeetMe conference sessions are not created or deleted accidently

  How to solve vicidial no available sessions

    Below are list of troubleshoots to resolve the vicidial no available sessions issue.

  Troubleshoot 1: Vicidial Database crashed

    It is often the vicidial database got crashed due to variable reasons like overload,improper shutdown, lack of disk space due to this vicidial scripts failed to update the session details while agent logs in, follow the below mentioned article to repair crashed vicidial database and tables.

   Troubleshoot 2 :  Vicidial Screens/Background scripts

    Make sure the vicidial Screen and background scripts are running properly

Type screen -list   in linux console,
you should  get below outputs of running screens
There are screens on:
        2307.ASTVDauto  (Detached)
        2147.astshell20140626063212     (Detached)
        2105.ASTVDadapt (Detached)
        2304.ASTlisten  (Detached)
        2301.ASTsend    (Detached)
        2153.asterisk   (Detached)
        2109.ASTconf3way        (Detached)
        2107.ASTfastlog (Detached)
        2310.ASTVDremote        (Detached)
        2298.ASTupdate  (Detached)

If some sockets missing or No Sockets found in screen -list command output
Make sure crontab entries are there by typing crontab -e, if its empty copy paste the default vicidial cronjobs from the below link

Vicidial default cronjobs

also the vicidial startup scripts enabled in below file.
vi /etc/rc.d/rc.local

   Troubleshoot 3 :  Dahdi driver issue

Make sure the dahdi driver is installed properly by running the below command in the linux shell

dahdi_cfg -v
The above command will display the below result
DAHDI Version: 2.6
Echo Canceller(s): HWEC

Channel map:

0 channels to configure.

If the above command displays error like dahdi not found error
then reinstall the latest dahdi driver,follow the below link for the reinstalling the dahdi

Once latest dadhi  reinstalled then run the below commands to load the dahdi drivers

modprobe dahdi_dummy
dahdi_cfg -vvvv
asterisk -rx "module unload"
asterisk -rx "module load"

Now login as agent and check whether the problem arises, if not follow other troubleshoots

Note **
For those who are using the Telephony cards like digium, sangoma,allo  follow the below links

Digium Cards
Sangoma Cards

  Troubleshoot 4: update the server IP in database

Once you have changed the server ip addressl you need to update the same ip in the vicidial database, run the below command to update ip in vicidial db

just press enter for prompts.

  Troubleshoot 5:  Force update the IP in DB

    Sometimes the new ip won't get updated, even after running the IP update script. or db get updated with some funcky letters instead of ip (like  localhost,a]b]d],

run the below command to force the new ip to update in db
/usr/share/astguiclient/ --old-server_ip=oldipaddress
enter your new ip when it prompts for new ip.

note: if your db is update with ip as then run below command
/usr/share/astguiclient/ --old-server_ip=

  Troubleshoot 6:  update ip with mysql commands

         Sometimes in vicidial the new IP address will not updated properly for Phonse,conferences and server , you can use the mysql commands to update the ip, below are the commands and tables to be udpated with new ip

login to mysql cli using below commands
mysql -p 
if you dont know the mysql root password then run below command
mysql -u cron -p 1234
Once logged in to the mysql console run the below commands, replace newip and oldip with your IP address.
mysql>use asterisk
mysql>UPDATE conferences SET server_ip='newip' where server_ip='oldip'
mysql>UPDATE vicidial_conferences SET server_ip='newip' where server_ip='oldip'
mysql>UPDATE servers SET server_ip='newip' where server_ip='oldip'
mysql>UPDATE phones SET server_ip='newip' where server_ip='oldip'
reboot the server 

note **  replace  newip  and oldip  with your server ip address.

  Troubleshoot 7:  vicidial meetme Conference missing

    Login to the vicidial/goautodial admin page and check whether the conference sessions are created under ADMIN > conferences, ADMIN > vicidial conferences
If it is empty you have to create the sessions, Instead of creating manually we can use the existing script to create in bulk, follow the below steps for the same

login to the server via ssh using putty and run below commands in linux shell

cd /usr/src
svn checkout svn://
cd /usr/src/trunk
mysql -u crong -p 1234
mysql>use asterisk
mysql>\. /usr/src/trunk/first_server_install.sql
/usr/share/astguiclient/ --old-server_ip=

once rebooted and login as agent and check whether your issue resolved.
if problem still arises, kindly post in the vicidial or goautodial forums or  ping me in my skype striker24x7

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