Free audio converter for asterisk format 16bit mono 8k pcm wav

Asterisk audio converter for 16bit mono 8k pcm wav

Topic: Free  audio converter for asterisk format 16bit mono 8k pcm wav
How to convert audio to asterisk playable format 16bit mono 8k pcm wav

vicidial asterisk File xyz does not exist in any format

asterisk audio converter 16bit mono 8k pcm


    Asterisk is a Open source Communication software , You can use Asterisk to build communications applications, things like business phone systems (also known as IP PBXs), call distributors, VoIP gateways and conference bridges.

  Asterisk Audio Support:

The audio standard for most Voice over IP is 8000Hz, 16Bit, Mono. Asterisk is going to expect that all audio conforms to this standard. Asterisk supports a variety of audio and video media. Asterisk provides CODEC modules to facilitate encoding and decoding of audio streams. Additionally file format modules are provided to handle writing to and reading from the file-system
Check out the below link for Detailed asterisk supported codecs

  Audio Converter:    

Asterisk supports below wav format file to playback, also asterisk supports other formats like ulaw,alaw,g729,slin, gsm etc.

16 bit Mono 8k PCM .wav

By default audio recorded over normal windows recorder or any other software wont support saving the file in above said format, 

Below are softwares and online converter you can use to convert to 16 bit Mono 8k PCM waf format

   Option 1:

This free online tool will convert just about any DRM-free media file into audio that's compatible with most telephony vendors' Music on Hold and IVR Announcements.

no need to install any software on your PC, it just online audio coverter.


   Option 2: Digium Audio converter

           Digium, Inc., the Asterisk Company,  is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source telephony software, To make it easier for you to use the voice prompts immediately, digium have created a online tool to help you convert your prompts to a format compatible with Asterisk 
Now digium is part of Sangoma

Converter Link

   Option 3:  SOX

    SoX is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.) command line utility that can convert various formats of computer audio files in to other formats

Linux command to convert audio using SOX
sox originalfile.wav -r 8000 -c 1 -s newfile.wav -q

   Optio 4: Softwares

    you can also use other paid softwares to convert audio files in asterisk wav format
1. wavepad 
2. Audacity

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    Free Online Asterisk Audio converter 16 bit Mono 8k PCM .wav

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