How to configure Allo 3rd Generation Card in Asterisk

ALLO 3rd Generation card asterisk config

Topic: How to configure Allo 3rd Generation Card in Asterisk

allo 3rd gen card in asterisk

  Overview: Allo-Asterisk-Vicidial

   ALLO is a Canadian company established in Bangalore India for the past 10 years, where we design, develop and manufacture VOIP hardware such as Digital Telephony Cards, VOIP Gateways, Hybrid PBX systems (IP and PSTN), IP phones, ATAs, UTMs (Unified Threat Managers for Network Security) and SBCs (Session Border Controllers to protect Asterisk pbxs).

    Asterisk is a free and No:1 open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Sangoma.
    VICIDIAL is a software suite that is designed to interact with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system to act as a complete inbound/outbound contact center suite with inbound email support as well.

The Following tutorial will help you in configuring the Allo 3rd gen upgradeable PRI card in vicidiail goautodial or asterisk based pbx's

Steps to configure Allo 3rd gen card

1. Uninstalling the existing Dahdi driver
2. Allo card Licensing
3. Installing the Allo patched Dahdi driver
4. configuring the Card
5. dialplan

   Step 1:  Removing the existing Dahdi driver

Follow step 1 from the below link for the uninstalling the Dahdi driver

   Step 2: Allo Card Licensing

  • Log on to the
  • Enter the particular details of the card (Serial Number) along with your Email id, Phonenumber, and select the country.
  • Click generate license button, to generate the license.
  • After submitting, user will receive the license to the email id provided.
  • Download and copy the License file to the machine where the card is being installed in the following directory “lib/firmware”.  (use winscp to copy the file)

   Step 3 : Installing the Allo patched Dahdi driver

  • Download the latest dahdi driver from the below link


In the linux console type 
cd /usr/src
tar -xvzf dahdi-linux-complete-
cd dahdi-linux-complete-
make clean
make all
make install

** now the dahdi driver is installed , we need to add the allo driver name in the dahdi module file
** type in console
vi /etc/dahdi/modules
at the last line  add 

save and exit .

   Step 4 : configuring the Card

Now type 
dahdi_genconf  -vvv

make sure you will get the below output

allo3rd gen crd

Now type
vi /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

add  #include dahdi-channels.conf  at the last line fo chan_dahdi.conf file ,
save and exit.

Now type
dahdi_cfg -vvv   

*** this displays the channels configured

Reloading the module in asterisk
go to asterisk cli by typing 
asterisk -vvvvvr
goautodial>module unload
goautodial>module load
Checking the status of the Card and pri line
goautodial>dahdi show status
goautodial>pri show spans
*** Now the card is configured and ready to dial.

   Step 5 : dialplan for those using vicidial or goautodial or plain asterisk.

Add the following  dialplan in the extensions.conf (vi /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf)
under the context [default]

exten => _9X.,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _9X.,2,Dial(DAHDI/G0/${EXTEN:1},,tTor)
exten => _9X.,3,Hangup
For detail about dialplan guide check this

note: for those using Freepbx, elastix   use the gui to configure the trunk .
Note :  For inbound setup in vicidial or goautodial , change the context from-pstn to trunkinbound in vi /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf

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