How to configure synway gsm gateway with asterisk vicidial

 Synway GSM Gateway trunking with asterisk

Topic: How to configure synway gsm gateway with asterisk vicidial

synway gsm asterisk integration

  Overview: Synway-Asterisk-Vicidial

    Synway SMG4000 series GSM/CDMA VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional product used to efficiently realize the smooth transition between mobile and VoIP network With push-pull SIM card sockets for easily installing the SIM cards, it adopts advanced built-in VoIP processors and GSM/CDMA modules, and enables ISPs and VoIP solution providers to deliver highly available and versatile wirelessto-IP systems, effortlessly and cost-efficiently.

Synway GSM have 2 to 32 port GSM gateways.

    Asterisk is a free and No:1 open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Sangoma.

    VICIDIAL is a software suite that is designed to interact with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system to act as a complete inbound/outbound contact center suite with inbound email support as well.

  Steps: Synway GSM Config

Step 1: Synway Initial configuration

Step 2: Port grouping, SIP settings

Step 3: Asterisk SIP trunking

   Step1 : Initial configuring of GSM gateway 

Power on the GSM Gateway and connect the gateway to the Network.

  • now open a browser and type
  • the default username and password is  admin/admin
in the quick config we will be assigning a new ip and SIP server ip details
for this guide i am assigning

By default the Synway Gateway Assigned with IP :

make sure this default ip should not have conflict with your existing network.

Once Logged in  Click the Quick Config option from the Left pane, 

In the quick-config  network settings page change the default ip to a static from your network

synway gsm sip port

CLick  Next
In the Registrar IP Address we need to enter your  Asterisk /vicidial/goautodial  server IP address
for eg my asterisk server ip is

now you will be moved to Quick Config-SIP Settings

synway gsm port

Click Next
Just Click Next in PORT setting and after that click finish.

   Step 2 : Configuring the PORTS , SIP settings and outbound ROUTING

  • Now access your GSM via newly assigned ip ie:
  • username /password :  admin/admin
as for this document we are grouping all the sims to single group and dialing will be in round robin between sim cards.
  • IN admin panel  Click Port -- Port Group
  • Prot Group will be empty - Click ADD NEW
  • In the Port Group-Add  page fill the below details

synway gsm port group

  • index the group no , SIP account - this is the account to be created in your asterisk server with a password ,say synway123
  • make sure all the active SIM ports are selected.
  • save 
  • now you can the Register status of this group to your asterisk server(it will take some minutes)

  Configuring Outbound Routing

  • Click the Route option from the left pane of admin pane
  • Click  IP--TEL
  • ADD New
  • Fill the below details and press save

synway gsm sip proxy

   Step 3 : Configuring the SIP server ie asterisk or vicidial 

  • create a sip peer in the asterisk server
login to the command line of the asterisk server using ssh putty tool
open the sip.conf file and add the below details at the last line (vi /etc/asterisk/sip.conf)


  • save the file and exit.
  • go to asterisk cli (asterisk -vvvvvr)
  • type  sip reload
  • now check whether the gsm gateway is registered by typing sip show peers , it will show ok


  • Now we need to create a dialplan to dial via GSM gateway
  • Below is the dialplan for asterisk and vicidial /goautodial

   Plain Asterisk PBX

go to vi /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

under default context use the below dialplan

exten => _9X.,1,Dial(SIP/gsm222/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9X.,2,Hangup

   For Vicidial / Goautodial

you can either write the dialplan in gui or in command line, i prefer command line

vi /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
under the default context type

exten => _9X.,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _9X.,2,Dial(SIP/gsm222/${EXTEN:2},,tTo)
exten => _9X.,3,Hangup

Check out the below link for the Asterisk dialplan Tutorial

  Support :

    For professional support reach me at skype:striker24x7

Check out my youtube channel for vidieo tutorials



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