Asterisk server issue asterisk dead but subsys locked

Asterisk dead but subsys locked

Topic: Asterisk server issue asterisk dead but subsys locked
asterisk dead


    Asterisk is a Open source Communication software , You can use Asterisk to build communications applications, things like business phone systems (also known as IP PBXs), call distributors, VoIP gateways and conference bridges.

  Issue: Asterisk dead

    This article is about the issue "asterisk dead but subsys locked" while restarting the asterisk and while checking the status.

  Solution to solve the issue:

1. check the asterisk log for error based on that resolve the issue 
type below command in linux, which will output if any issue in the modules or sevices in the asteriks
asterisk -vvvvgc
for eg, if you see unable to load module, then u need to disable the module form /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
noload =>  "note xxx the module name"
If there is no error due the modules in logs then proceed the below steps
2. disable the selinux (vi /etc/selinux/config) 
3. Add the user and group - asterisk
run the below commands in linux console
c. useradd asterisk
d. passwd asterisk
e. groupadd asterisk
f. type asterisk -vvvvgc    ;this will output any issue asterisk config
4. If above solution not worked then proceed with uninstall and reinstall of asterisk , check the below link for the reinstalling the asterisk


    Hope this article resolves your issue, if still facing the issue reach me on my skype striker24x7
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    asterisk dead but subsys locked

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