how to resolve Dial timed out and Waiting for Ring issue in vicidial

Vicidial Dial timed out and Waiting for Ring during Manual Dial

Topic: how to resolve Dial timed out and Waiting for Ring issue in vicidial
Agent Alert! Dial timed out, contact your system administrator 
Waiting for Ring 

vicidial dial timed out and waiting for ring

  Overview: Dial Timed out and Waiting for Ring

    In this article i have provided the solution for the vicidial issue dial timed out and waiting for ring.
In Vicidial while dialing manually or transferring a call to the external number you might see the below mentioned Alert or error in the Agent Portal

Agent Alert! Dial timed out, contact your system administrator 
STATUS: Calling 1234567890 UID: D939939393939 Waiting for Ring... 1 seconds

  What is Vicidial:

    Vicidial is an enterprise class, open source, contact center suite in use by many large call centers around the world. VICIdial has a full featured predictive dialer.  It is capable of inbound, outbound, and blended phone call handling. 

  Root Cause:  

    Below are the list of root cause for the Dial timed out and waiting for ring issue in vicidial while dialing from the agent panel.

  Dialplan Issue:

    Make sure the Dialed number should match the Dialplan Pattern, as these numbers are dialed using Asterisk AMI you might not get the logs in the asterisk CLI.
From the asterisk CLI type the below command to make sure the dialed number matching the dialplan

asterisk -rx "dialplan show 1234657890@default"

If the number matches the pattern you will see the full dialplan matching the number,
if not it will display the error There is no existence of 1234567890@default extension
Check out the below Article for the Vicidial Dialplan entry Guide - Asterisk basic dialplan guide

  Campaign Settings

    while dialing manually or Transferring  a call to a external number, by default vicidial add the Dial Prefix and Phone code of the Campaign.
The default Phone code set by the Vicidial is [ 1 ]  that is US country code.

If you are adding a transfer conference number in the Campaign Detail Page, Make sure to add the number without Phone Code.
If your Phone code is different or dialing non US numbers , The either Change the Default Phone Code to the country you are dialing or Set Omit Phone Code to Y in the Campaign settings.

Steps to change the Default Phone Code

Navigate to ADMIN > SYSTEM SETTINGS > Default Phone Code:

Steps to Disable Phone code in Campaign
Navigate to your Campaign detail view and search for below option

  Omit Phone Code: Y

  Asterisk Version and Voicemail server

    If the installed Asterisk version is not correctly mentioned in the vicidial databases you will face the dial timed out and waiting for ring issue.
Make sure Installed Asterisk version is updated in the ADMIN > Servers > Asterisk Version

Command to check the Asterisk version installed

asterisk -rx "core show version"
You will get below output 
Asterisk 16.17.0-vici built by root 

Now Navigate to ADMIN > SERVERS > Asterisk Version
Enter 16.17.0-vici

Also under ADMIN > System Settings  Make active Active Voicemail Server is selected
Select your active Asterisk server from the dropdown


    Make sure the dialed number matches the dialplan in the default context , for troubleshooting run the debug command like sip set debug on or manager set debug on.
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