how to configure JIO PJSIP trunk in asterisk vicidial freepbx

    Step by step guide to configure the JIO PJSIP trunk in asterisk vicidial freepbxif you have purchased JIO PJSIP trunk and facing trouble in configuring the trunk in asterisk based dialers and pbx like vicidial, goautodial, freepbx then this article is for you, flow the below steps to configure the JIO VOIP pjsip trunk

JIO PJSIP trunk settings for asterisk
how to configure JIO voip as PJSIP trunk in asterisk

Who is JIO? 

    If you are looking for JIO PJSIP trunk configuration in asterisk or vicidial then this blog post is for you. In this tutorial i have provided asterisk pjsip configuration for JIO PJSIP trunk.
         Reliance Jio Leading telecom vendor in INDIA, who also provides ISDN/E1 trunk via Ethernet in PJSIP Protocol (ie VOIP) to customer similar to SIP trunk.

JIO PJSIP Network Settings:

    JIO PJSIP trunk is provided with a dedicated network from JIO network service, that is you will be provided with a router with dedicated subnet, either you need to have two ethernet interface in your dialer to connect to jio network and also connect to your existing network, or you need to have a router which can support two networks with proper routing.

Check out by jio sip trunk configuration blog for Network connectivity required for the JIO network and Asterisk server.

JIO pjsip Carrier details:

            Once you have purchased  the new jio pjsip trunk, you will be provided with below details

DID numbers
Pilot number
SIP gateway IP & Media IP
Jio Network subnet range (server IP,subnet, gateway IP)

Asterisk - Vicidial PJSIP Settings for JIO

    If you are using Plain asterisk or configuring the trunks in command line, then add the below PJSIP settings in pjsip.conf which is located in the /etc/asterisk/ folder.

    If you are using vicidial then add all the pjsip settings mentioned here under the same carrier Account settings.

Note:  you no need to add any registration string for the pjsip trunks.

            Replace IP address my IP=


Asterisk PJSIP Dialplan

    Use the below dialplan to dial over the jio trunk with PJSIP dialplan application.

If you are using the Asterisk and manging over command line, then add this dialplan in extensions.conf under your preferred outbound context,  

For vicidial users add this dialplan in same carriers settings under Dialplan Entry

dial plan for Vicidial Users

exten => _9X.,1,AGI(agi:// 
exten => _9X.,n,Dial(PJSIP/${EXTEN:1}@jiosiptrunk,30,Tto) 
exten => _9X.,n,Hangup()

dialpal for plain asterisk users

exten => _9X.,1,Dial(PJSIP/${EXTEN:1}@jiosiptrunk,30,Tto) 
exten => _9X.,n,Hangup()


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