How to add Audio Play button for recordings in vicidial user stats


    In Vicidial you may notice the Play button or audio control button next to recordings location under modify lead page for RECORDINGS FOR THIS LEAD table, but same is missing for recordings in user stats page under Recordings for this Time Period . In this guide, we'll walk you through how to enable the playback button or Audio controls for the recordings on the Vicidial User Stats page. This simple yet effective solution will enhance your user experience, making it easier to play, pause the recordings within browser right inside the vicidial user stats page.

vicidial user stats recording play button missing
vicidial recording play button

The Challenge:

Vicidial is a powerful call center software solution, but one common issue faced by users is the lack of an intuitive playback button on the User Stats page. Listening to recordings usually involves downloading files and using external media players. This not only complicates the process but can also lead to inefficiencies and difficulties in managing a large volume of recordings.

Solution: Enabling Playback Button:

    To overcome this challenge, we can leverage HTML's <audio> control attribute to embed a playback button directly on the User Stats page. This solution is user-friendly, efficient, and doesn't require any third-party tools or complex integrations.

you need to edit the user_stats.php file located in vicidial folder of web root folder.

If you are using Vicibox then location is  /srv/www/htdocs/vicidial/user_stats.php

others Scratch installation mostly it will be /var/www/html/vicidial/user_stats.php

use vi editor or any other tools like nano, winscp edit the user_stats.php file.

vi +1682 /srv/www/htdocs/vicidial/user_stats.php

Locate the below line mostly it will be at  line no 1682

$MAIN.="<td align=right><font size=2> $location &nbsp; </td>\n";

Add the below code just below the above said code.

$MAIN.="<td align=center><audio controls preload='none'><source src='$row[11]' type='audio/mpeg'> <source src='$row[11]' type='audio/wav'>Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio></td>\n";

save the file and check the recordings under the user stats page, you will get the play,pause ,volume control button, as soon you press play button it will download within browser and the play the recordings

Video Tutorial

    Check out the below youtube vidoe for video demonstratoin of this article. if you like the video subscribe and share

Benifts of Audio control html attribute:

Enabling the playback button within Vicidial's User Stats page offers several advantages:

Streamlined access to call recordings.

Simplified playback controls without leaving the page.

Efficient management of a large number of recordings.

Improved user experience for agents and supervisors.

Play,Pause, Volume Control, Placback speed and download options.


    With the simple addition of the playback button or audio control button, you can enhance the usability and efficiency of  recordings in Vicidial's User Stats page. This solution empowers you to access and manage call recordings with ease, ultimately improving your call center operations. For professional vicidial support reach me on skype or telegram id: striker24x7

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