vicidial: Sorry your phone login and password are not active in this System


    When using VICIdial for managing calls in a call center, sometimes you might hit a snag. One common issue is seeing the message while login as agent: "Sorry, your phone login and password are not active in this System,please try again." It's frustrating, right? Especially when you're relying on VICIdial to handle your calls smoothly.

VICIdial is great at what it does, but every now and then, users encounter this hiccup. This error message essentially means that your login details aren't working properly.

In this blog, we're going to break down why this happens and how to fix it. We'll keep it simple, so don't worry if you're not a tech expert. By the end, you'll have the know-how to tackle this issue head-on and get back to using VICIdial without any hassles. Let's dive in!

Sorry your phone login and password are not active in this System
Sorry your phone login and password are not active in this System

Understanding the Issue:

The error message "Sorry, Your Phone Login and Password are Not Active in This System" can be confusing, even though you have entered right phone login and password,  but it simply means that there's a problem with your vicidial configuration and vicidial mode of working. 

Possible causes and Troubleshooting:

Here's the list of possible causes for this particular vicidial issue and troubleshooting the same.

Incorrect Login Credentials:

Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the right one. Double-check your login details—username and password—to ensure they're entered correctly. Typos or outdated credentials can lead to this error.

Special characters :

By default vicidial wont support the use of special characters (@ # $ % etc) in the login credentials ,while submitting the configuration the special characters are removed and only the AphaNumeric characters are saved in the Database.

Asterisk configuration file update:

Once a new phone login is created in the vicidial , it will take approximately  1 to 3 minutes to update the phone entries in the asterisk configuration file which in turn become active in the asterisk sip peers.

So wait for 1 to 3 minute once you create new phone entry in vicidial followed to that login to agent portal with newly created phone login and password.

if still you face the issue "phone login and password is not active" follow the below troubleshooting steps

    1. Check the newly added phone entry is update in asterisk configuration file, if it is SIP phone check the sip.conf file,which is located under /etc/asterisk/sip.conf  

vi /etc/asterisk/sip.conf

if it is iax protocol phone then check the iax.conf

vi /etc/asterisk/iax.conf

    2. Check the SIP or IAX peer entries update in asterisk running config type the below command to check whether the peers are updated

asterisk -rx "sip show peers"

asterisk -rx "iax2 show peers"

If the entries are updated in sip.conf or iax.conf but not updated in the asterisk running config, then run the reload command to update configs to running configs

asterisk -rx "sip reload"

asterisk -rx "iax2 reload" 

or better run full reload , make sure no calls are active in systems

asterisk -rx "reload"

    3. If the phone entries not updated in the sip.conf or iax.conf then run the below vicidial script in the linux console and follow the above steps to make sure phone entries are updated in asterisk

/usr/share/astguiclient/ --debugX

Asterisk running as service on startup

    The most mistake while installing the vicidial in scratch install is the running the asterisk as a service at startup instead of running in background by vicidial. Vicidial by default runs the asterisk on background as screen where the configuration will be update  by the vicidial scripts. Stop the asterisk running as service at startup by running below command

chkconfig asterisk off

Vicidial  Phone status:

    Make sure the phone status is set to active in the vicidal admin portal under ADMIN > Phones > Modify phones.

Vicidial Phone Protocol:

    Make sure the phone Client Protocol is set properly either SIP or IAX according to your endpoint device. Also if any template is attached to phone entry make sure the settings without any syntax error or overwrite or duplicate entry


Encountering the "Sorry, Your Phone Login and Password are Not Active in This System" error in VICIdial can disrupt your call center operations. By understanding its possible causes and troubleshoot and resolve the issue promptly. Remember to double-check your credentials, reach out to administrators if needed, and ensure a stable internet connection. For support reach me on skype telegram id:striker24x7

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