what is vicidial - how to install vicidial


Topic : what is vicidial - how to install vicidial

    A Complete Tutorial for understanding "what is vicidial" and how to install vicidial in servers, other linux OS also available vicidial hosted services. Vicidial list of features and documents for agent and manager.

what is vicidial

What is Vicidial

    VICIdial is an enterprise class, open source, contact center suite in use by many large call centers around the world.

    VICIdial has a full featured predictive dialer. It can also function as an ACD for inbound calls, or closer calls coming from VICIdial outbound fronter agents as well as emails and website chat messages coming in from customers. It is capable of inbound, outbound, and blended phone call handling.

    VICIdial Contact Center solution that allows agents to log into a web-based agent screen and take inbound and outbound calls as well as place outbound calls manually and from a list and handle inbound emails and customer website chats in a queue ,vicidial even allows you to have agents logged in from remote locations. The agent screen is available in sixteen(16) different languages, with options to make your own translations as well.

Vicidial Major Features:

    There 100's of features available in Vicidial, below are list of major features.

Predictive dialing
Survey Campaign
Voice Broadcast campaign
Blended Call Handling.
Realtime Monitoring with Monitor,Barge and whisper 
CRM integration
Fully Supported API
Text to Speech Integration
Cradle to Grave Report
GUI based 
Cluster Setup to support huge call center call handling.
For Full Feature List checkout vicidial webpage

Vicidial Major Components

    Vicidial Software Supports most of the Linux distributions like Redhat,Centos,Alma,Rocky,Ubuntu,Opensuse etc. along with below software's for its operation.

Asterisk      Telecommunication software
Mariadb      Database engine
Apache        Webserver   

How to Install Vicidial

    Vicidial can be installed in Dedicated physical server or a virtual machine or in any hosted servers with any one of the below options.


    VICIbox ISO is the official installation ISO for the VICIDIAL Call Center Suite. It is based off of OpenSuSE linux OS. which includes all necessary software's software needed for vicidial operation.

Vicibox supports both single server setup and Cluster setup to support huge call handling.

Pro's : 
Official release from the vicidial team
Supports easy Cluster setup
Regular updates from vicibox 
Includes all the necessary software for vicidial operation.
Community support via vicidial forum

Not so easy to install, but not that much hard to install.

Download link
For latest Vicibox iso download website.

 Vicidial Scratch install

    Vicidial supports scratch install ,that is you choose your favorite linux like Centos, Ubuntu, Redhat, Alma, Rocky etc.

In Vicidial scratch install you know what is installed,what each software does and its under your control

Mostly helpful while installing in Remote servers like hosted servers, where you can't boot ISO or DVD.


Not easy to install
each step should done carefully.


You know what are you doing,
Install on your preferred os

Scratch install Link

For scratch install in Centos, check out my scratch install tutorial
Same procedure applicable to other OS.


    Goautodial is enhanced version of Vicidial ,with fine looking admin and agent portal, which is most easy way to install vicidial in your server which support ISO boot or DVD boot.

Latest goautodial also support scratch install in Centos 7.

Easy to install
Nice Professional theme
Easy of navigation of menus

No regular updates
Old vicidial version used
Only support and available in centos
Couple of bugs.

Download link
Latest Goautodial ISO download page


    OSDIAL is kind of clone of Vicidial developed and maintained by Call Center Service Group, LC,

They have developed some enhancement in dialer compare to vicidial.
OSDIAL available in ISO built on top of Centos.

Nice theme for agent and admin
Some good features included ,which not available in early days of vicidial.

Built on centos 6.6 - no more updates
asterisk 11
No official document for scratch install.

Download link
Official download link

Vicidial Hosted Servers

    Vicidial also provides hosted servers with Vicidial pre-installed with support , similar like SAAS module named as vicihost
 other Thirdparty Hosted vendors who provide vicidial as a service


Vicidial Support:

    Vicidial provides both Paid and community support for vicidial and vicibox based installations.

For Paid support check out the vicidial website
For Free support via vicidial forum

Vicidial Documents/Manual

For Free and Paid Vicidial admin/agent manual.
For Vicibox installation Manual

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