How to change the default voicemail greeting message in asterisk

Topic: Changing Asterisk default voicemail Greetings message

     Step by step guide to change the asterisk default voicemail greetings message to custom message, like setting your own personal message as voicemail greetings for busy and unavailable message tones.

asterisk default voicemail greeting to custom

Asterisk - Voicemail

    Asterisk is a free and No:1 open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Sangoma.
The Asterisk voicemail module provides two key applications for dealing with voice mail.


Voicemail module

This application allows the calling party to leave a message for the specified list of mailboxes. When multiple mailboxes are specified, the greeting will be taken from the first mailbox specified


The VoiceMailMain() application allows the owner of a voice mail box to retrieve their messages, as well as set mailbox options such as greetings and their PIN number.

Asterisk Custom Voicemail Greeting

    There are two ways to change the default voicemail greeting message in asterisk,
1- An extension user can dial in to his voicemail box and record his own greeting message
2- As an admin i can record a message in asterisk supported format (16bit mono 8k pcm wav) and replace the default voicemail greeting messages for each user

Option 1- Personal Message Record

    From the particular extension dial *97, which will prompt to the voicmailMain dialplan greeting message, Press DTMF 0 (zero) for the advance Mailbox Options.
Followed to that press the below digits to record the respective voicemail message based on the extension status
1 - Unavailable
2 - Busy
3 - User's Name
4 - Temporary Greeting

By default *97 dialplan will be created in asterisk based pbx like freepbx, elastix, issabel.
if the particular dialplan is missing add the below dialplan in your default context
exten => *97,1,VoicmailMain()
exten => *97,n,Hangup()

Option 2: Upload custom message

    If you want to upload a custom greeting message for each extension, Then pre-record you message using windows recorder or any other recorder and covert the message in asterisk supported format, (16bit mono 8k pcm wav)
Checkout the below link to convert your voice message to the asterisk format

you need to record two messages ,1 for busy status and another for unavailable status 
Once the File is converted copy the message to the respective extension voicemail folder
example for extension 100

cd /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/100/

Using Winscp copy the busy.wav and unavail.wav message to the respective folder, you need to override the existing files.
cd /var/spoo/asterisk/voicemail/default/100
replace busy.wav with your custom busy.wav file
replace unavail.wav with your custom unavail.wav file
Followed to that give necessary permissions to these two files
chown -R asterisk:asterisk busy.wav
chown -R asterisk:asterisk unavail.wav
Now Dial and check the voicemail greetings


    Hope the article is helpful for you to change the asterisk default voicemail greeting message to your own custom messages, For Professional support reach me on skype/telegram:striker24x7

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    Custom Voicemail Greetings in Asterisk

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