Assign Leads to Specific Agents in ViciDial: Owner Only Dialing

     In the fast-paced world of call centers, maximizing efficiency and ensuring lead ownership are crucial for success. ViciDial, a powerful call center software, offers a valuable feature known as Owner Only Dialing. This feature allows you to assign specific leads to specific agents, empowering them to focus on leads relevant to their expertise and skill set. In this blog article i will show you how to enable the owner only dialing feature in vicidial.

vicidial owner only dialing

Benefits of Owner Only Dialing:

  • Improved Conversion Rates: By assigning leads to agents who specialize in the product or service being offered, you can expect increased conversion rates.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Leads receive personalized attention from agents who are familiar with their specific needs, resulting in a more satisfying experience.
  • Boosted Agent Productivity: By eliminating the need to qualify irrelevant leads, agents can dedicate their time and energy to leads with higher conversion potential.
  • Streamlined Lead Management: Owner Only Dialing simplifies lead distribution, ensuring that leads are directed to the most appropriate agent.

Enabling Owner Only Dialing in ViciDial:

By Enabling Owner onley dialing the agent will only receive leads that they are within the ownership parameters for. The ownership parameters can be user ID , Territory or User Groups.For this feature to work, the dial method must be set to MANUAL or INBOUND_MAN and No Hopper Dialing must be enabled.

Steps by step

  • Create or edit the Campaign which you need to enable owner only dialing
  • Make sure the dial method is set to MANUAL OR INBOUND_MAN.
  • Enable the Owner Only Dialing : USER
           (I have detailed other options later in this topic)
vicidial agents with there own leads

Owner  Only dialing Other Options and Notes

    Apart from USER Options the owner only dialing options supports below options.
If TERRITORY enabled then the owner of the lead must match the territory listed in the User Modification screen for this agent. For Territory option to work, you must enable the User Territories Active option under System Settings. Followed to that Agent Select Territories options available in campaign. where agent will have the option of selecting territories to dial leads from list.

If USER_GROUP is selected then the owner of the lead must match the user group that the agent is a member of

If BLANK at the end  options are selected then the users are allowed to dial leads with no owner field defined in addition with owner defined leads. For the BLANK option you can enable the Owner Populate option in Campaign.

Owner Populate - If this is enabled and the owner field of the lead is blank, the lead's owner field will populate with the user ID of the agent that handles the call first. Default is DISABLED

Reassigning leads to another agent.

    In Owner only dialing option if you want to reassign leads from one user/agent to another user incase of agent absent or removed then there is a manager utility available for admin to reassign the leads ,
Browser http/https ://<serverIP/fqdn>/vicidial/bench_agent_assign.php

Sticky Agent Option:

 Enabling Sticky agent option in Vicidial that allows a caller to be routed to the same agent every time they call that is inbound calls,  meaning that subsequent calls from the same customer will be routed to the same agent who handled their previous call(s).


Implementing owner-only dialing in Vicidial can significantly improve lead management, customer engagement, and conversion rates. By following the steps outlined in this guide and incorporating best practices, businesses can leverage this approach to enhance their overall sales strategy and drive success in a competitive market. For support reach me on skype or telegram-striker24x7
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